Vendor Selection for Publishers

Expert Assessment – Impartial Advice – Best Outcome

Use our decades of publishing experience to ensure your next software investment is the right one.

Understand the entire market, avoid the pitfalls of software implementations, make sure your requirements are fully understood, reduce time frames, and guarantee the highest ROI on your investment.

Vendor Selection for Publishers - Influential Software UK

The UK’s Publishing Software Specialists

Base your software investment on a firm foundation with expert vendor selection for publishers.

Ensure your publishing business gains the highest value available, and avoid costly mistakes.

Receive full disclosure of the advantages and drawbacks of the major publishing software.

Trust in the impartial advice of a digital publishing consultancy with 25 years of experience.

Our Publishing Vendor Selection Services

Draw on our knowledge as digital publishing specialists to get advice on the leading vendors.

Publishing solutions we typically assess for clients include:

  • Ingenta – VISTA, pub2web, Advance

  • Klopotek – PPM

  • Real Software Systems – Alliant

  • Digital River – Think Subscription

  • SAP – SD and Books

  • LittleJohn – Avatar

Total Service from Your Publishing Technology Partners

 UK Technology and Digital Services for Publishers

On top of our vendor selection for publishers, how would your business benefit if you could:

  • Link all departments and systems seamlessly, eliminating manual processes and duplication of labour?
  • Engage customers with personalised campaigns, loyalty schemes, and recommendations?
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your business and how to strengthen your market share?
  • Manage contracts and royalties with automatic systems that guarantee compliance?

Enable all of these benefits with our complete digital services for publishers:

Publishing Integration

Leverage data quickly, align disparate applications, and allow collaboration among your workforce.

Publishing Analytics

Identify new opportunities, produce targeted content, improve performance, and predict future trends.

CR&R Solutions

Take the time and effort out of managing sets of complex relationships with your authors and contributors.

Also engage our consultants and technicians for any of the following services:

  • auditing systems and processes
  • business process mapping and analysis
  • reports with recommendations and action points
  • database design, development, and implementation
  • bespoke system automations
  • agile project management

Influential Software: UK Digital Publishing Consultants

Publishing Software Specialists in London, Kent, and Glasgow

Influential Software has been carrying out transformative projects at major publishers for over 25 years.

With a unique mix of software expertise and publishing knowledge, our consultants act as a trusted bridge between the two.

Our core mission is:

  • to help writers get published quickly, cleanly, affordably, and with the greatest reach
  • to give managers agile tools that avoid bottlenecks, fast-track approvals, and streamline development
  • to create one system for the whole business, speeding up production and giving one version of the truth

Whether you have a clear plan or want to explore the options, our consultants have the advice and expertise to carry your business forward.

A few of the clients who have benefitted from our digital publishing team:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

SAP Gold Partners | Buy official SAP licences from UK Gold Partners Influential Software
IBM Silver Business Partner Logo | Buy IBM Licences from official UK IBM Partners Influential Software

Metalogix - SharePoint and Microsoft Office Solutions | Buy Metalogix licences from official UK partners Influential Software
Dynistics Business Intelligence and Data Dashboard Software | Buy Dynistics from official UK Partners Influential Software

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