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Ensure effective implementation, commission software for your needs, enjoy modern data systems, receive expert support, and draw on a network of certified staff with our publishing technical services.

Technical Services for Publishers - Influential Software

The UK’s Digital Publishing Technicians

Guarantee the perfect software for your publishing goals, from design and development to implementation and support.

Draw on our mix of publishing and technical skills to create a strong synthesis of processes and departments.

Trust in a digital team with 25 years of experience in publishing technical services.

Our Software Services for Publishers

Boost your software’s speed, efficiency, and value with our publishing technical services.

Engage a team of agile developers, data technicians, implementation specialists, and support staff to meet your business requirements.

Alongside integration, analytics, CR&R solutions, and vendor selection, our team offers:


solutions for data transfer, customer view, warehouse automation, and more


bespoke query tools, inventory management, royalty systems, and more

Data Services

on-premises to cloud migrations, data conversion, integration, and more

Support & Management

managed services agreements, upgrades, API management, and more

Technical Staffing

resources for all aspects of digital transformation for UK publishers

Your Custom Implementation Services

Technical Services for Publishers

Connect your software and your business with our deep knowledge of both areas.

Receive a set-up that is tailored to your business for maximum efficiency.

The publishing implementations we typically perform are:

  • fully integrated data warehouse implementation
  • warehouse automation – RF use at goods-in, putaway, returns, replenishment
  • real-time data transfer systems
  • implementation of 360-degree customer view
  • implementation of e-book billing solutions
  • implementation and optimisation of PubliSyst book publishing systems

Your Development and Design Services

Development Services for Publishers UK

Gain a competitive edge with bespoke software that enables your goals.

Secure and manage your data more effectively.

Create agile new services and modes of collaboration.

Add automation to existing processes for reduced manual labour.

Development services we typically provide include:

  • data warehouse design and build
  • bespoke query and data maintenance tool creation
  • bespoke inventory management development
  • International Reps CRM solution design
  • design and coding of books royalties systems
  • enterprise and mobile application development

Your Publishing Data Services

Data Services for Publishers UK

Ensure your data is secure, compliant, accessible, and consistent with our data services for publishers.

Draw on our expert knowledge of the most appropriate systems for different mixes of data.

The data services we typically provide are:

  • MuleSoft data migration and conversion
  • MuleSoft data integration services
  • on-premises to cloud migrations
  • book publishing systems migrations

Your Support and Management Services

Software Support for Publishers UK

Your software investment has to provide returns in the long term. That’s why publishers choose our expert support.

We keep your data backed up and your systems running efficiently so you can focus on value.

Over 100 UK businesses rely on us for their ongoing support need, seven days a week.

Support and management services we typically provide are:

  • managed services agreements for all ongoing support
  • upgrades and support for SAP solutions
  • Publisyst SOP/POP system support
  • Powerhouse 4GL support
  • contractual support for Influential Software systems
  • server provisioning
  • database administration
  • internal corporate and change management
  • API management services
  • project management and resourcing of warehouse and distribution moves
  • Digital Asset Management (DAMS) services
  • warehouse management system optimisation
  • legacy project recovery
  • backup and disaster recovery

Your Publishing IT Staff

IT Staff for Publishers UK

Rely on us to provide contract or permanent staff to boost your IT functionality in the short or long term.

Find resources for business intelligence, software development, and IT support.

With a network of staff built up over 25 years, we provide only experts in their fields.

  • Prince2-qualified project management
  • project-based business intelligence staff
  • digital transformation technology staffing
  • software development and support staff

Influential Software: UK Digital Publishing Consultants

Publishing Software Specialists in London, Kent, and Glasgow

Influential Software has been providing publishing technical services for over 25 years.

With a unique mix of software expertise and publishing knowledge, our consultants act as a trusted bridge between the two.

Our core mission is:

  • to help writers get published quickly, cleanly, affordably, and with the greatest reach
  • to give managers agile tools that avoid bottlenecks, fast-track approvals, and streamline development
  • to create one system for the whole business, speeding up production and giving one version of the truth

Whether you have a clear plan or want to explore the options, our consultants have the advice and expertise to carry your business forward.

A few of the clients who have benefitted from our digital publishing team:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

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