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Embrace Digital – Engage Audiences – Expand Sales

Just as we serve clients including Hachette, Bloomsbury, Taylor & Francis, the Copyright Licensing Agency, Cambridge University Press, and Penguin Random House, let us transform your business with our publishing software services.

Gain a 360° view of your customers, optimise your processes, integrate your systems, gain maximum benefit from your list and publishing acquisitions, extend your eBook reach while delivering on print, broaden your customer reach, and react flexibly in today’s market.

Digital Consulting for Publishers - Influential Software UK

The UK’s Premier Publishing Software Consultancy

Inform, accelerate and grow your business with bespoke services from UK digital publishing consultants.

Leverage our digital expertise to transform your customer engagement, business processes, partner relationships, and management systems.

Trust our team with 25 years of publishing experience to deliver unmatched value, efficiency, and results.

Some of our clients include:

Your All-Round Publishing Technology Partner

 UK Technology and Digital Services for Publishers

How would your business benefit if you could:

  • Link all departments and systems seamlessly, eliminating manual processes?
  • Engage customers with personalised campaigns?
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your business and how to strengthen your market share?
  • Manage contracts and royalties with automatic systems that guarantee compliance?
  • Make informed decisions before investing in a publishing software vendor?

Our digital publishing consultants offer services that enable all of these benefits:

Publishing Integration

Leverage data quickly, align disparate applications, and allow collaboration among your workforce.

Publishing Analytics

Identify new opportunities, produce targeted content, improve performance, and predict future trends.

CR&R Solutions

Take the time and effort out of managing sets of complex relationships with your authors and contributors.

Vendor Selection

Rely on our impartial advice to find the vendor that best suits your publishing goals and processes.

Also engage our consultants and technicians for any of the following services:

  • auditing systems and processes
  • business process mapping and analysis
  • reports with recommendations and action points
  • database design, development, and implementation
  • bespoke system automations
  • agile project management

Our Publishing Software Consultancy – Aligned to Your Business Vision

No two publishers are alike, so neither are our publishing software services.

At Influential Software, we follow a clear, consultative process that is fully flexible for each publishing client.

From initial analysis through digital project management to post-implementation reviews, we provide end-to-end publishing solutions.

Influential Software’s consulting team believes in the Five I’s:


Rely on our expertise, experience, and an ever-open mind, to analyse your business and give an end-to-end assessment.


Draw on our business and technical knowledge to pinpoint the areas that can be transformed for maximum impact.


Engage our agile developers to create innovative solutions for operational efficiency and customer-centric services.


Let our digital project managers guide you through an implementation that brings lasting results.


Stay up-to-date with ongoing assessments, development, and customisation of your systems.

Integrate Your Data for Smart & Efficient Publishing

Systems Integration Services for UK Publishing

From connecting legacy systems to consolidating after mergers and acquisitions, integration is a crucial process for publishers.

Some of the UK’s most respected publishers have leveraged our unique combination of publishing industry experience and software integration expertise.

Examples of our integration projects include Elsevier, Harcourt and Taylor & Francis.

With a reliable source of integrated data, these businesses have been able to maximise their profitability and competitive advantage.

We work with a range of integration partners to provide a totally flexible and impartial service:

MuleSoft Integration

Use Anypoint Platform technology to integrate data and applications across legacy systems and cloud software.

Dell Boomi Integration

Transfer data between any cloud or on-premises applications with this integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS).

HULFT Integrate

Access your data from all destinations through a simple interface and a comprehensive data architecture.

Optimise Your Analytics for Strategic Publishing

 Analytics Software for Publishers UK

With expertly aligned analytics, publishers can grasp the past, present, and future of their business.

Gain real-time insights for fast reactions. Foresee trends to develop your winning strategy.

Use our services to collect data business-wide and turn it into accurate, available, and actionable insights.

Draw on our experience with the leading analytics providers to gain an objective view of the best tools for you.

Our business analytics partners include:

SAP Analytics

Engage an SAP Gold Partner to boost your returns on solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects, and SAP Business ByDesign.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Spread business intelligence across your business with the latest augmented intelligence (AI) and pattern recognition tools from IBM Cognos.

Microsoft Analytics

Connect hundreds of data sources and engage your workforce with compelling visualisations in Microsoft’s business intelligence solution, Power BI.

Streamline Your Contracts, Rights & Royalties Management

 CR&R Software for Publishers

Make sure you invest in the most effective CR&R tool for your situation with our objective CR&R consultancy.

Turn a web of complex relationships into a regulated, automated system with our fully customised service.

Find solutions for eBooks and chapters, web portals for authors, contracts workflows, digital asset management, and physical contracts and correspondence.

Trust in a totally impartial service that places time-to-value and ROI at the heart of every project.

Clarify Your Vendor Selection for Results & ROI

 Vendor Selection for Publishers - Expert Advice UK

Our vendor selection services offer an objective eye on how each solution will meld with your publishing goals.

Rely on an impartial third party to save you time and money when making software investments.

Ensure that your software gives the desired result in the short and long term.

Engage a team of digital publishing consultants that has worked with all major vendors over the past 25 years.

Influential Software: UK Digital Publishing Consultants

Publishing Software Specialists in London, Kent, and Glasgow

Influential Software has been carrying out transformative projects at major publishers for over 25 years.

With a unique mix of software expertise and publishing knowledge, our consultants act as a trusted bridge between the two.

Our core mission is:

  • to help writers get published quickly, cleanly, affordably, and with the greatest reach
  • to give managers agile tools that avoid bottlenecks, fast-track approvals, and streamline development
  • to create one system for the whole business, speeding up production and giving one version of the truth

Whether you have a clear plan or want to explore the options, our consultants have the advice and expertise to carry your business forward.

A few of the clients who have benefitted from our digital publishing team:

Influential Software is active in the leading solutions of today, with a range of partnerships that enhance our technical capabilities:

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